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Anne Beate HOVIND, Project Director at Bjørvika Utvikling

Anne Beate Hovind is Project Director of Bjørvika Utvikling’s art programme for public space with two internationally know art works: Futurellibrary.no by Scottish artist Katie Paterson and flatbreadsociety.net by FutureFarmers. She is the Chair of the Future Library Trust. She has also been responsible for artworks in other public spaces such as Oslo airport, Bergen airport and Akershus university hospital.

Over the past 15 years, Hovind has worked at the interface of art, culture and business. Anne Beate has lengthy experience working with different stakeholders towards the shared vision of realizing complex and original projects. This has included developing art in public spaces, developing public services, top management in building a new and modern hospital, city planning, placemaking and passenger orientated development for Oslo airport.

She has also had a leading role as an art and culture entrepreneur, for example as co-owner of the theatre ship Innvik for ten years and will share her view of the interlink between conscious leadership and art.

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