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Bianka believes that companies need to connect among each other and share experience. Strong networks und collective wisdom build power which our beautiful world needs. She sees Wisdom Together as the perfect platform to spread the network on a wider, global scale.

Bianka’s background is the automotive industry, where she was sales representative for cars in Germany and Australia. By traveling around Europe, South Africa and Australia she found her passion for observing different cultures and organizations. She learned to understand our world as a whole and dependable system.

In her professional career Bianka experienced different companies – from smaller ones to large global organizations such as BMW, Daimler, Ernst & Young or Airbus in fields like Retail, Marketing and HR. Even so these companies are famous and successful, she experienced herself and others struggling with their jobs because of missing purpose.

This is why she changed direction and aims to consult companies by adapting the way working places look like and establish meaningful, new work conditions, allowing natural and authentic personal development for everyone, which bring out the best in each and everyone involved

Member of our team: Event Curator

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