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Daniel Abreu, Founder of Municipal Youth Councils

Daniel Abreu with a renaissance working spirit has been intensively involved with all sectorsof society including multinational corporations, academia, local and international NGOs, several UN agencies and a wide range of government institutions, gaining first-hand insights to foster unity and the evolution of human consciousness within the illusory human created limitations. A pioneer in his home country, the Dominican Republic, on Corporate Social Responsibility researchand on youth political participation as founder of the Municipal Youth Councils program, an award winning initiative which allows adolescents and youth to democratically elect their youth political leaders and successfully develop and implement their own initiatives.

Daniel currently explores and facilitates learning spaces to deepen our connection with ourselves and the living world.He is a facilitator of the Work that Reconnects, co-creating and holding space for bringing together ancient wisdom and contemporary science with the purpose of experiencing inner harmony, community bonding and service to Gaia. His key focus is on nurturing interspecies connection, specially between humans and cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in a conscious midwifing of the New Earth or a transition to a benevolent evolution of life on this planet.

As a musician he facilitates drum circles to connect with the “primal sound of our inner core”, and together with his partner co-creates original music and children stories (both for real children and the inner child of adults) to deepen and igniting our connection with Mother Earth.

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