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Irena Blazevice Education Coach

Irena is a transformative coach, passionate about co-creation of transformative moments, which leads to developing insights, self-discovery, and mind-shift. Irena works with individuals, teams, communities, organizations and larger systems, helping them to evolve. She is a research practitioner in economics, with a special focus on the novel governance structures, open democracy and collaboration, involved into various European Commission and international studies. Irena facilitates organizations in developing inclusive, collaborative management structures and ecosystems. Her clients are state institutions, business, third sector organizations, and networks.

Irena leads clients into more systemic and holistic understanding of the situation through inquiry around interrelation of various contexts, actors, perspectives, intentions, and actions. She pays attention to the awareness of the deep inner truth – the generative intention, the core, forming the vision of the individual or the collective and to the incongruities between such vision and de facto outcomes for finding the most effective while authentic and timely actions.

Irena holds a MSc from Stockholm School of Economics and a Ph.D. in economics from Vilnius Gediminas Technology University. Irena is authorized consultant for the GLP (Global Leadership Profile), authorized trainer at Structogram®, (structural analysis), a practitioner of Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy (IBMT) based on principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement, and Somatic Psychology.

To explore the transformative capabilities of the word-less intuitive interaction Irena designed and runs a programme for children with socialisation challenges helping them to develop psychological and social resilience. The programme integrating theatre, improvisation and games make significant impact on the class or school dynamics.

„I used to work on top leadership positions in very different sectors from banks to culture and children rights, co-founded social enterprises in four countries. I have a wide range of professional interests: integral theory, vertical development, action inquiry, applied and autobiographical theatre, body psychotherapy, mindfulness. All the variety of life-lines I carefully integrate into a unique, authentic style and quality of being, reaching the main purpose of my life – empowerment of the small.

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