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Jamila Tressel, Coach and Author

Jamila Tressel is a student at the ESBZ School since 2012 and a young author, speaker, trainer and coach as well, empowering young people to unfold their potential and make a change. After many negative experiences in the traditional school system the student is campaigning for a drastic change of the education system since she is 12 years old, speaking at national and international conferences (e.g. in Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Rumania, South Korea and Malaysia) and leading trainings for students, teachers and managers, often in collaboration with “Schule im Aufbruch”. In order to give children a voice in the education debate she wrote a book with two fellow schoolmates when she was 14 and they received the EduAction Award for their engagement this year. Her goal is to inspire other people to change the school system so that other students will get to experience a happy and sustainable time in school as well. To connect education, personal and potential development, leadership and entrepreneurship, she is developing an academy programto empower and train young people to actively create their future and become conscious leaders and trainers themselves.

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