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Laurita Peleniute Singer from Lithuania

Laurita Peleniute is a unique Lithuanian singer who is capable of presenting folklore in an up-to-date and attractive manner, revealing her ancestor’s heritage code with her voice. The musician, who is deeply concerned and interested not only in Lithuanians but also in other peoples and their culture, combines the music and languages โ€‹โ€‹of different peoples in their work.

Lauritas music is designed to awaken and revitalize confidence, sing and share joy. We carry a melody as an encoded ancestral code in ourselves, accompanied by our natural song, no matter what we are doing and what kind of gender we are.

The inner song is a heritage that everyone wears in their blood. Singing a person will never feel lonely. It’s a song, and it’s a tune, and it’s comforting. Singing together – united. That’s how our promises and proboscanslived โ€“ with the pain of scum, every daylife โ€“ with songs and contractions. And it does not matter at all which nation we are talkingto, all nations have the same songs, it’s the same inner tune, that’s the path to ourselves.

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