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Pamela HILEY

Pamela Hiley is the founder and Director of the Norwegian Taiji Center (NTS), which she established in 1983. Originally from Wales, with a Bachelor degree in Human Movement Studies, she was the first professional Taiji Master in Norway and is considered one of Europe’s most experienced Taijiquan Masters. Her students and clients are from all sectors, including private businesses and organizations, educational and health institutions, the government and diplomatic sectors.

Through her practice, Pamela has cooperated with many Norwegian and global organizations with Deep Dialogue, building bridges from the spiritual to daily life. Seated in deep transformative processes changing what was into what is with a large and integrative network.

She has also created many ground breaking projects. In 2001, she founded the “Peace Point Foundation” and participated in the Global Peace Initiative of Woman Religious and Spiritual Leaders UN conference in Geneva. In 2003, she created “The Peace Conference for the Middle East” at the Nobel Peace Institute in Oslo. And In 2004, she was welcomed back to the Nobel Institute to establish “The Business Council for Peace”. Seeing the need to reinforce the importance of developing awareness among the youth, in 2006, Pamela instituted “The Youth Council for Peace” and “MAP” (Martial Arts for Peace).

Pamela has received recognition, both nationally and internationally for her contributions. She was given the title of “Ambassador for Peace” from the Universal Peace Federation and in 2006 elected to “The Top 10 International Men and Women” of Norway.

Member of our team: Norway

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