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Wisdom Partner: Christiane Schicker

Christiane Schicker

I have worked for more than 20 years as Manager, Consultant and Executive in Marketing- and Media-Planning for a Newspaper publishing house, a Global Consumer-Goods and Pharmaceutical player and in Advertising- & Media-Agencies. My core professional skills are in Marketing and Communication, Advertising- & Mediaplanning / -controlling, in procurement and negotiations as well as in strategic General Management. My whole career was driven by inter-cultural, inter-disciplinary teams and complex transformative changes in very dynamic business environments. For the Future, my focus will be on transformational leadership and consultancy.
Inspired by multiple trips to Bhutan in the Himalayas I participated in 2016 to a workshop about sustainable transformation initiated by the GNH Centre Bhutan – that’s how I became an “Advocate for Gross National Happiness”.

My Vision

Normally change is scaring for human beings.
If we learn to care about our needs, not what we want, if we feel considered with respect, integrity and if we succeed to act not with “Ego”-centric but “Eco”-centric purpose, then we feel inner and outer growth and resilience driven by sustainable change – as individual human being and as recreated organization in business, in communities, municipalities etc.

Why I am part of the Wisdom Together

Knowledge creates progress and advantage. But only if we allow to share knowledge with like-minded people in interdisciplinary circles and with the ability to explore the world from multiple standpoints, then we create wisdom, which deliberates us from false judgements, patterns and misleading missionary bias. This freedom makes us humble, let creativity grow and allow an auto-generative “flow”, which is crucial for my personal Happiness mission.

That’s what I offer

  • How to experience a country, where inner and outer happiness counts more than monetary growth – supervisoring and mentoring for an explorative journey about Gross National Happiness in Bhutan in March 2020
  • Wisdom Talk about Gross National Happiness (more to come soon on this platform)

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