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Wisdom Partner: Cornelia Strobel – Next Impact GmbH

Cornelia Strobel

I am a scientist and a spiritual person with heart and soul. Doctor of Chemistry with many years of professional experience in industry and an experienced hypnosystemic organizational consultant, coach and team developer. Since 2011, I have been combining both paths of experience as a shareholder and managing director of NEXT IMPACT GmbH and head our office in Munich.

My vision

Deciding, taking responsibility and acting – that’s my passion. I dedicate myself to these topics as a consultant, trainer, supervisor, speaker and author of professional articles. It is my contribution to a changed view of the world; a world in which thinking, diversity of perspectives and sustainability are once again regarded as a gain for us humans.

In 2013, I founded the PENTAEDER Institute.V. together with other colleagues to give this topic an open platform for research, exchange and development. As the first institution in Germany, the institute brings experts, companies and interested parties to the table, which deal with “deciding in organizations”.

Why I am part of Wisdom together

We need a changed perception of the view of the world. To see the diversity of perspectives as a profit, I am committed to that. And how can this work better than on the basis of spiritual connection with people, who bring in this diversity – just: Wisdom together.

That’s what I offer

Deciding, taking responsibility, acting – shaping the present and the future

  • accompany transformation processes
    Designing and organizing decision-making processes, cultural change towards self-organized teams, leadership development, qualification of project managers and moderators
  • Tools for deciding, taking responsibility and acting
    e.g. Pentaeder model, Decisio-Map, Decisio-Code, Kairos decision-maker profile
  • Coaching for decision-making
    Complexity and risk competence
  • Lectures and papers
    Decision-making as a social innovation, decision making = risking, how to realize self-organized transformation processes

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