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Wisdom Together Retreat Nov 2019

Our next Wisdom Together Retreat starts
on the 22nd November 2019 with a dinner at around 7pm
and will end on the 24th November around 2pm
in the SeinZ Hotel in Bad Kohlgrub

This retreat will be about your inner wisdom and how this can come together with yourself and with others. Where are you at this moment in time, what are the questions you are holding and where do you try to find the answers? How do you look at yourself and what do you feel, sense and acknowledge when you deeply listen inside. What is emerging and is looking for gentle reflections from trusted people? What ideas and visions want to come out and how can Wisdom Together become a home for those ideas, projects and visions?  Where is our wisdom evolving in 2020 and maybe beyond and what is the context we can sense, create and manifest?

We will ask those questions and many more and see what will happen when open hearts and minds are coming together to sense the inner wisdom, the inner core.

We feel that time is changing rapidly with inspiring opportunities for life. We feel that the change is asking not only for new ideas but also for new forms and expressions and would like to explore what will happen when we give us the time and space to sense, to ask questions, to reflect with yourself and with others.

It will be again a journey to your inner wisdom together.

WISDOM Together Member Retreats offer a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and together explore and develop the core themes of today which are essential and powerful driving forces of our personal development as well as of the transformation process in general.

If our ideas resonate with you, you are very welcome. If you want to become a member  feel free to join us and thank you for being a part of Wisdom Together.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bad Kohlgrub
Wisdom Resort – Kurhausstraße 1, 82433 Bad Kohlgrub

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